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 timeline of earth fro ATS

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PostSubject: timeline of earth fro ATS   timeline of earth fro ATS I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 09, 2009 6:15 pm

Quote :

Pre -10,000 years: The world is technologically advanced and in constant intercourse with ET. It is either during the ice age or before the ice age. There is a global language(like English) it is Sanskrit, a language especially developed for human-machine interface and as a spiritual language to interface with the universe.

After 10,000 years: Huge cataclysmic wars and/or superfloods innundate entire continents, civilisation is wiped, survivors are dispersed throughout the world and take their flood-memories and memories of their past with them.

Circa 5000BCE: The survivors establish cities quickly and using their oral traditions begin to reconstruct civilisation. However, because civilisation is so fragmented, there are competing factions. Most of civilisation is low-tech, and hi-technology is only in the hands of elite.

The two major factions: Aryans and Sumerians

Circa 3000BCE: A huge war takes place between the competing factions of Aryans and Sumerians, the first world war of present civilisation, deploying deadly weapons and WMD. The Sumerians want world domination and the elites to rule over the masses; the Aryans want democracy and noble and enlightened socities:

Circa 1900 BCE: After deadly wars and more natural catacylsms(drying up rivers etc) The Aryans leave the Indian subcontinent and disperse throughout Europe and the Middle east. This is the beginning of the formation of the Indo-Europeans. From which the languages Greek and Latin emerge and the broad group known as Pagans emerges.

Circa 100-120AD: Jesus finds Christianity based on Aryan philosophy as a challenge to Sumerian god-men religion. Early Christianity is gnostic and teaches reincarnation and meditation like Hinduism and Buddhism. After Jesus's death, his religion is hijacked by Paul and he distorts it bringing it in tune with old Sumerian philosophy(elitism/oligarchy/control)

Circa 300AD: Constanine sets out to wipe out all Aryan heritage. He persecutes the Christian gnostics and destroys all bibles which have Aryan influence in them. The Roman adopts this new revised Christianity realising its power for ideological control and embarks on crusades wiping out all Pagan cultures(Aryan)

Circa 700AD: Islam does the same and wipes out all Pagan cultures in Arabia and Persia, finally ending with India.

Circa 1700AD: Britain dominates the entire world and spreads Christianity and industrial capitaliam all around the world and sets up education and media in all its colonies to supplant their own history and heritage.

Circa 1900AD: The entire world is under "Western culture" barely anybody remembers anything, nothing remains of Aryan heritage, except in minority areas in India and Tibet. The whole world has been brainwashed and integrated into a pyramidal like power structure: ignorant masses at the bottom; Sumerian masters at the top.

Circa 2000AD: 12 families, from an unbroken Sumerian blood linage, rule the entire worlds economy and they consolidate their power over the deluded masses with a NWO a totalitarian global entity. They are now the god-men of the world and they will choose who lives and who dies. An economic crisis has been staged which will finally lead to civil wars all around the world when they will close all banks, airports and factories.

Circa 2010-2012AD: Depopulation of the planet through WW3: 80% of the worlds population killed, leaving approx 500 million slaves for the Sumerian masters. Main players: USA, EUROPE, CHINA, RUSSIA and ISRAEL.

That's the history of our civilisation from the super-floods to today. After 2012 no spirituality will remain on this planet. We are entering deeper into the age of pure evil, where we will be under total domination by the Sumerian masters.

You don't believe me? I can't share all my research with you because it is too extensive, but I will let you ask questions about the history I presented. In the end you are going to find out yourself come 2010-2012, be prepared.

What do you think? Suspect
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timeline of earth fro ATS
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